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In essence, we scout new talent for the rapidly-growing, new, independent adult entertainment industry.  Photography.  Videography.  Short Films.  Catalog work.  Print work.  Modeling.  Acting.  No sleazy porn industry.  No dirty "casting couch" interviews.  That's Not Us.

Adult Entertainment Acting / Modeling Package
After interviewing with us in a safe, comfortable environment, we will provide you with the following package:
     - Complete, Professional Industry Resume
     - Professional Headshot / Bodyshot
     - We actively submit YOU to 200+ employers WEEKLY
     - You choose which work you accept
     - We will represent & negotiate for you with employers
     - We provide follow-up interviews for employers
     - You earn 100% - we don't take a commission from you
     - Full support and training assistance
= $29.99

Company statistics as of October 1, 2016. . .
  - 68% of our clients got paid work within 6 months
  - 82% of our clients got paid work within 1 year
  - Average work time per job: 2.5 hours
  - Average total gross pay per job: $1185.00
  - Average hourly gross per above: $474 per hour
  - Average return on your investment?  3,950%

Contact Us.  What do you have to lose?